Saint Maximilian Kolbe


The Franciscan Saints
Day 1: Maximilian Kolbe

On July 30, 1941, when a prisoner
was selected to die in Auschwitz,
another prisoner volunteered to
take his place. That volunteer was
Maximilian Kolbe.

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Saint Agnes of Bohemia


The Franciscan Saints
Day 2: Agnes of Bohemia

Agnes was born in Prague, where
her father was the king of Bohemia.
Despite the privileges of her station,
she enjoyed no freedom to decide
her own destiny.

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Blessed Jacopone


The Franciscan Saints
Day 3: Jacopone Benedetti

Jacopone Benedetti was a prosperous
lawyer in the Umbrian town of Todi.
His life took a tragic turn one day
when his young wife was killed in
an accident. 

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Blessed John Duns Scotus


The Franciscan Saints
Day 4: John Duns Scotus  

John Duns, later known as the
Subtle Doctor, was called Scotus
on account of his birth in Scotland.
He entered the Franciscans at the
age of fifteen and was later ordained
a priest.

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Saint Thomas More


The Franciscan Saints
Day 5: Thomas More

Thomas More was one of the most
highly respected men of his time.
A successful barrister, an honest
judge, a famous scholar, he rose
to the highest status of any commoner
in England.

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Saint Junipero Serra


The Franciscan Saints
Day 6: Junipero Serra

Junipero Serra is celebrated as
one of the fathers of California.
Born in Majorca, Serra entered
the Franciscan order at sixteen.


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Franciscan Saints


A Celebration of the
Franciscan Saints

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