Pope John XXIII


The Franciscan Saints
Day 8: John XXIII

On October 28, 1958, a new pope
greeted the Church from the balcony
overlooking St. Peter’s Square. There
stood the smiling, rotund figure of
Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli. “I am called
John,” he said.

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Blessed Matt Talbot


The Franciscan Saints
Day 9: Matt Talbot

Matt Talbot was one of twelve
children born to a poor family
in Dublin. His addiction to alcohol
started before he was thirteen,
when he got his first job with
a wine merchant.

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Saint Bonaventure


The Franciscan Saints
Day 10: Bonaventure

Bonaventure, who was born to
a wealthy family in Orvieto, joined
the Franciscans around 1238 in the
midst of his studies at the University
of Paris. 

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Franz Jagerstatter


The Franciscan Saints
Day 11: Franz Jägerstätter  

Franz Jägerstätter, an Austrian peasant
and devout Catholic, was executed for
refusing to serve in Hitler’s army.

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Solanus Casey


The Franciscan Saints
Day 12: Solanus Casey

Solanus Casey, the son of Irish
immigrants in Wisconsin, felt called
to the priesthood after witnessing a
drunken sailor stabbing a woman.
This scene of suffering caused Casey
to dedicate himself to God.

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Saint Margaret of Cortona


The Franciscan Saints
Day 13: Margaret of Cortona

Saint Margaret was raised in a poor
family in Tuscany. Following the death
of her mother when Margaret was just
eleven, a new stepmother turned her
out of the house.


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Saint Marianne Cope


The Franciscan Saints
Day 7: Marianne Cope

She immigrated to the United States
when she was less than two years
old. In 1862, she entered the Third
Order Regular of Franciscans and
received her religious name,
Sister Marianne.

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