Meeting God in the Upper Room

Meeting God in the Upper Room.jpg “Msgr. Peter Vaghi’s journey into ‘the most important room in Christendom’ is a journey into the heart of the Church and the heart of Jesus. Along the way, Monsignor Vaghi offers practical wisdom for modern disciples. Meeting God in the Upper Room  is contemporary spiritual writing at its finest.”

Matt Malone, SJ, editor-in-chief, America magazine





Three Moments to Change Your Life

Recalling his own Holy Land pilgrimage experience, Msgr. Peter Vaghi explores three significant events in the life of the early Church that can be traced back to the Upper Room in Jerusalem. In writing about the Upper Room, Monsignor Vaghi tells of not just its historical significance, but its profound spiritual meaning, guiding us to a deeper appreciation and understanding of living the Christian life in prayer, worship and service.

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