Saint Junipero Serra's Camino

Saint_Junipero_Serras_Camino.jpgI pray that this book will lead many people to rediscover the ancient practice of the pilgrimage and to renew their commitment to the new evangelization of California and the American continent.” 

—Most Reverend José H. Gomez, archbishop of Los Angeles


Discover the California Missions

Travel Saint Junipero Serra’s Camino Real in California with a pilgrim’s heart—and this book in hand— and prepare to continue, in your own way, the forward journey that he began in the 1700s. You’ll make your way to 21 missions, stretching from San Diego to Sonoma north of San Francisco Bay. The more you seek, the more you will find. The more you ask, the more you will receive. Such is the nature of a pilgrimage.

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