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Sporting his faith, an interview with Tony Reali

Repairing History

The place of Jesus' burial was in danger until a historic renovation rolled back years of damage. 
By Greg Friedman, OFM

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Reel Time | St. Anthony Messenger

Reel Time

Film critic Sister Rose Pacatte, FSP, reviews Paul, Apostle of Christ, The Dating Project, and The 15:17 to Paris.

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A Night with the Homeless | St. Anthony Messenger

7 Pathways to Awe

Experiencing these goose-bumps moments can bring us closer to God, our source of wonder.
By Patricia M. Robertson

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Faith & Family | St. Anthony Messenger

Faith & Family

Each month, Susan Hines-Brigger, a married mother of four children, looks at family issues through a Franciscan lens.

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Lessons from Gethsemane | St. Anthony Messenger

Rebuilding Our Faith

Sometimes the key to growing and nurturing our faith is to step back and return to the basics.
By Richard Rohr, OFM

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At Home on Earth | St. Anthony Messenger

Priceless and Precious

At the end of the day, God's infinite love is at the core of nature's gifts, as Kyle Kramer, an environmentalist, tells us.

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