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For centuries, Catholics have prayed for St. Anthony’s help to find lost items. Do you have a story to share about this beloved saint? Fill out the form below. It may end up in our pages!

In praise of St. Anthony

Last summer, I organized a parish car wash. At some point during the day, I realized that my wedding ring had slipped off in the frenzy of washing cars. I was devastated! Married for 19 years, it was obviously precious to me. After days of praying to St. Anthony, the parish office called to say that a wedding ring had been turned in. Lo and behold, it was my ring! God is good—and so is his servant, St. Anthony!

A week after Thanksgiving, my 7-year-old Golden Retriever, Goldie, tore off into the woods behind our Vermont home. The temperatures were frigid and dropping. Missing for 12 hours, our family was beside ourselves. As a group, we prayed to St. Anthony to find our beloved dog. Fifteen minutes later, Goldie found her way back home. Her paws were frost bitten, but she recovered. Thank you, St. Anthony. You never let us down!

The St. Christopher medal that was given to me by my mother in the 1940s is always around my neck. Last month, I was at a backyard party and realized that the medal had fallen somewhere in the yard. I was panicked! I said a quick prayer to St. Anthony and, within a half hour, I found it in the tall grass. I was so relieved! Thank you, St. Anthony, for always being there!


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