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How has St. Anthony of Padua helped you? Share your stories!

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For centuries, Catholics have prayed for St. Anthony’s help to find lost items. Do you have a story to share about this beloved saint? Fill out the form below. It may end up in our pages!

In praise of St. Anthony

My father and I went for a hike last fall near beautiful Moccasin Lake in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Somewhere along the way, my wallet fell out of my pocket. The brown leather of the wallet would be nearly impossible to find among the fallen leaves. My father said a prayer to St. Anthony as we doubled back and scoured the path. Speechless, my dad pointed down at my feet. My wallet was on top of a small pile of leaves, not at all covered up! Thank you, St. Anthony!

The St. Christopher medal that was given to me by my mother in the 1940s is always around my neck. Last month, I was at a backyard party and realized that the medal had fallen somewhere in the yard. I was panicked! I said a quick prayer to St. Anthony and, within a half hour, I found it in the tall grass. I was so relieved! Thank you, St. Anthony, for always being there!

This isn’t a lost item story, but St. Anthony still came through for me. Recently I was tasked with leading a presentation for our sales division, which is over 100 people. Leading up to it, I was absolutely stressed and mentally fatigued. For a solid day I prayed to St. Anthony to find my peace of mind. It worked. I was calm and prepared for my presentation, which went over well. I owe it to God and to his messenger, St. Anthony!


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