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For centuries, Catholics have prayed for St. Anthony’s help to find lost items. Do you have a story youd like to share about this beloved saint? Fill out the form below!

In praise of St. Anthony

I took my three grandchildren on a picnic to our family’s lake—20 beautiful acres of untouched land. After it was over, I realized my car keys were missing. With no phone, we were stuck! We prayed to St. Anthony to find them. Within an hour, they were found under some brush. Thank you, St. Anthony! You always come through!

My son gave me a surprise birthday party. Many friends and relatives attended, giving me gift cards. I took the cards and placed them in an envelope. A few days later, as I got ready to write thank-you notes, I noticed that the cards were missing. I prayed to St. Anthony as I turned the house upside down. Within an hour, the cards were found. He is truly a marvelous saint!

I lost my eyeglasses in an airport recently. I asked St. Anthony to help me. After looking as hard as we could, we gave up and started walking back to our gate. Then we saw a TSA agent running to catch up with us. He had found the glasses—and I got to tell him about St. Anthony! What a wonderful saint!


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