The Hope of Lent

The_Hope_of_Lent.jpg“The purpose of Lent, Pope Francis says, is to ‘awaken’ and ‘rouse us from torpor.’ Bring it on, please! These homilies and prayers do that beautifully and forcefully. Most of all, I appreciated their practicality. This pope understands the challenges of modern life. His wisdom is important and his faith is magnetic.”

— Jon M. Sweeney, editor/translator, Francis of Assisi in His Own Words: Essential Writings



Daily Reflections from Pope Francis

There’s something about the season of Lent that draws us in, calls us to return to sanity, to a bit of austerity, to a change of heart and mind. That something is God’s grace. And it’s drawing us back to God’s merciful embrace. If you’re inspired by Pope Francis’s message and his commitment to Gospel living, and looking for ways to make that part of your daily life during the season of Lent, The Hope of Lent can keep Pope Francis’s heart- and mind-changing wisdom close at hand.

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