Saint Bernadette Soubirous


Sisterhood of Saints
Day 8: Bernadette Soubirous

We all know the story of how Mary appeared to
Bernadette, a simple girl of fourteen, at Lourdes.
But what sometimes gets lost in the story is
Bernadette’s strong faith.

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Saint Catherine of Siena


Sisterhood of Saints
Day 9: Catherine of Siena 

Some of our most beloved saints wouldn’t
take no for an answer. Catherine of Siena,
a Doctor of the Church and one of the most
influential women in Catholic history,
is one of those saints.

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Saint Joan of Arc


Sisterhood of Saints
Day 10: Joan of Arc

The Lord sent an unlikely leader during the
Hundred Years’ War: a peasant girl named Joan,
who knew only the rudiments of prayer, and could
not read or write.

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Saint Kateri Tekakwitha


Sisterhood of Saints
Day 11: Kateri Tekakwitah

Kateri, called the “Lily of the Mohawks,”
had virtually no traditional family support
on her Christian journey. 

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Saint Teresa Benedicta


Sisterhood of Saints
Day 12: Teresa Benedicta
of the Cross

Teresa Benedicta of the Cross may be one
of the best known Catholic converts of the
twentieth century. She was born Edith Stein
on Yom Kippur and was raised Jewish, but
she abandoned a faith life at an early age.

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Saint Hildegard of Bingen


Sisterhood of Saints
Day 13: Hildegard of Bingen

You surely have heard of Hildegard, the medieval
mystic, composer, author, poet, and playwright who,
in October 2012, became the thirty-fifth Doctor of
the Church—and the fourth female Doctor. 


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Saint Katharine Drexel


Sisterhood of Saints
Day 7: Katharine Drexel

The wealthy Drexel family of Philadelphia
was socially conscious, donating large amounts
of money to help the less fortunate. Three days
a week, Katharine’s stepmother would welcome
people in need into their home.

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