Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. | Image: Fotosearch


Dr. King’s Undying ‘Dream’

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream is still one worth fighting for.

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Minute Meditations


Minute Meditation:
Be True to the Mystery
of Your Baptism

The mystic knows in a uniquely grace
way these mysteries that we believe and
live out as we try to be true to the mystery
of our baptism.

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Saint Marianne Cope


Saint of the Day:
Marianne Cope

Though leprosy scared off most
people in 19th-century Hawaii,
that disease sparked great generosity
in the woman who came to be known
as Mother Marianne of Molokai.

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Jesus Christ


Jesus’ Brief Ministry

In God’s hands, we cannot imagine
what can be done in our lives.
All we have to say is, “Here I am Lord.
Use me.”

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Casey Cole, OFM


In Silence, We Find God

In this day and age, it's very hard to be quiet.
With our tablets, smartphones, and myriad
other noisy distractions at our fingertips,
sometimes it's virtually impossible to quiet
our minds and our spirits.

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Origins of the Rosary


The Origins of the Rosary

According to one tradition, the rosary’s defining
moment came during an apparition of Mary to
Saint Dominic around the year 1221.

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Trusting the River


Trusting the River

Whenever anxiety about the future
seems to creep up and seize my heart
or mind, I remind myself that I’m already
in the river.

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