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Minute Meditations:
Growing in Mindfulness

Gratefulness can be practiced, cultivated,
learned. And as we grow in gratefulness,
we grow in mindfulness. 

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Facing Grief during
the Holidays

The holidays are a time for warmth
and family for many. For others, it’s
a time of isolation and sadness.

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Saint of the Day | The Presentation of the Virgin Mary


Saint of the Day:
Presentation of the Virgin Mary 

This feast celebrates Mary's presentation in the
Temple by her parents Anna and Joachim. 

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Family Thanksgiving


Don’t Let Family Struggles Get
You Down On Thanksgiving

Family drama is] bound to surface this Thanksgiving.
But there are ways to cope.

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Trusting the River

Whenever anxiety about the future
seems to creep up and seize my heart
or mind, I remind myself that I’m already
in the river. I remind myself to choose the
waters over the boat or the dock.

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Saint Francis and the taming of the wolf | Fotosearch


Saint Francis and the
Taming of the Wolf

The story of how Francis of Assisi
tamed the Wolf of Gubbio is one of the
great legends linked with the life of the


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Blessed Virgin Mary


Mary: Our Path to Jesus

Mary is our pathway to her son, Jesus.
Her life is about a love of a mother and
her divine son and their love for us.

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