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will i see my pet in heaven-1


Will I See My Dog in Heaven?

Wouldn’t it seem strange if these sister and brother creatures,
who are invited to praise God with us here on earth, are not
welcomed to praise God with us in heaven?

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St. Francis and St. Clare


Clare and Francis: Assisi’s Most Dangerous Citizens

Sometimes we’re so attracted to saints for our own reasons that we fail to see how
radical they were in their day.

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Contemplative Prayer


Living a Prayerful Life

Contemplative prayer can be intimidating,
but it doesn't have to be. All we need is practice.

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Over the Rhine


The Franciscan Spirit
in Over-the-Rhine

Saint Francis loved and cared for the poor.
The Franciscan Friars of St. John the Baptist
Province and Franciscan Media follow that example.

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Greg Friedman, OFM


Franciscan Spirit Videos:
Our Prayers to God

Prayer is a deeply personal experience—
a moment of grace with God. 

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Catholic Saints


Holy Quotes from Catholic Saints

As Catholics, our temptation is to admire saints from
such a distance that we forget they were still human
beings who cooperated with God’s grace as best they
could each day. 

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Honoring the Sabbath


Honoring the Sabbath,
Honoring Creation

So it is that the Sabbath, if practiced well,
is no refuge from our everyday lives, but a
reorientation that should come to permeate them.

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