Casey Cole on the Franciscan Spirit


What Is the
Franciscan Spirit?

What is it about the Franciscan spirit
that draws so many people in?
Br. Casey Cole, OFM, says it's an
unmistakable sense of family that
makes it so appealing.

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Murray Bodo discusses Saint Francis of Assisi


Saint Francis and the
“Canticle of the Creatures”

To sum up the spirituality of Saint Francis,
Murray Bodo, OFM, says, you must first
consider his “Canticle of the Creatures.”

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Friar Frank Jasper


Who Are We Before God?

“As we stand before the Lord,” Friar Frank Jasper says,
“All that matters is what’s in our hearts.

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How do we heal from the abuse scandal?


How Do We Heal from the
Sex-Abuse Crisis?

How do we move forward as a faith community?
Friar Clifford Hennings has some words of wisdom
to get us started.

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A Franciscan video on the Virgin Mary


A Franciscan Reflection
on the Virgin Mary

“God is love,” John Quigley, OFM, says.
“And God wanted a physical way to be God.”
Enter Mary.

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Fr. Gary Caster on prayer


Tips for Improving
Your Prayer Life

As Christians, we go into prayer
with the best of intentions, but we
often get distracted or impatient.

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What drew me to the Franciscans.


What Drew Me to
the Franciscans

For Roger Lopez, OFM, his road
to the Franciscans wasn't paved
with struggle or strife—it was paved
with food. 

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