Love Your Enemies


Love Your Enemies

Before we can do that, however,
we have to love ourselves.

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Minute Meditations


Minute Meditations:
We Are Pilgrims in
the World

We are pilgrims in the world. We will
never have it “all together” until the end
of time, when we meet God face-to-face.

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Pope Paul VI: Image by Catholic News Service


Paul VI: Bridge Builder

A quiet leader, Pope Paul VI guided the
Church through the sweeping changes
of the Second Vatican Council.

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Franciscan Spirit Videos


Franciscan Spirit Videos

Enjoy our videos devoted entirely to
Franciscan spirituality!  


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Father John Quigey, OFM, on the Virgin Mary


A Franciscan Reflection
on the Virgin Mary

“God is love,” John Quigley, OFM, says.
“And God wanted a physical way to be God.”
Enter Mary.

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Is Every Encyclical Infallible?


Ask a Franciscan:
Is Every Encyclical Infallible?

The short answer is no. But it's a little more


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The Anima Christie: A Mystical Prayer


Anima Christie: A Mystical Prayer

This is a prayer that is both magical and mystical. It has soothed many a weary heart, too.

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