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Minute Meditations:
The Key to a Joy-filled

Joy goes beyond happiness. Joy is the
happiness that does not depend on what

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Saints Next Door 

Pope Francis asks us to consider the
quietly holy people in our midst who
inspire us to a deeper spiritual life.

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The Beatitudes


The Beatitude Attitude

We should each take a few moments to
reread the beatitudes and to contemplate
Jesus, who followed them during his life
on earth.

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The Hour of Our Death


The Hour of Our Death

Death is perhaps the deepest human
experience we will have.

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Colleen C. Mitchell


We Reflect the Love of Christ

In our faith journeys, sometimes, like the moon,|
we reflect the love of Christ. Other times, we feel
mired in darkness.

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Peace Prayer of Saint Francis


The Peace Prayer
of Saint Francis

Saint Francis' Peace Prayer
provides rich material for spiritual


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Thomas Merton on Hope


Thomas Merton on Hope

Thomas Merton spent countless hours writing
about the power of hope. Here are some of his

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