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Saint Francis Saint Clare


Finding Francis and

This first-time pilgrim to Assisi gains
a new understanding of Saint Francis
and Saint Clare.

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Minute Meditations


Minute Meditations:
We Are Not the Center
of the Universe

We realize and acknowledge that the
universe was not designed to revolve
around me and my petty wants and

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The Assumption of Mary


The Assumption of

With the Assumption of Mary,
she experienced the resurrection
and glorification of her body at
the moment her earthly life ended.

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My Night with the Homeless


My Night with the Homeless  

A sleepless night at a homeless shelter becomes
a wake-up call for this volunteer.

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A Franciscan Response
to Bullying

Friar Roger Lopez, a religion teacher
at a Franciscan high school, has a
response to those who harm others.

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Teachers Are Awesome


What a Hero
Looks Like

Teachers help to mold
our children in many
miraculous ways.


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Ask a Franciscan


Ask a Franciscan:
Why Is There So
Much Injustice?

A reader asks Friar Pat:
If God is all-powerful and

why does evil exist?

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