Family Information

Fill out a Family Information form

This process is not as bad as you think, and it could save you and your attorney valuable time. By filling out this form and having it at your first appointment, you will be providing your attorney with much of the information needed for an estate plan.

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Estate Inventory

Taking inventory over your estate

The Estate Inventory page is meant to give your attorney a good idea of the total value of your estate. Knowing your total worth is important to determine the type of estate plan that will keep your estate tax as low as possible.

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Final Arrangements

Making the final arrangements

When thinking of your final arrangements, things can get very difficult. Our Estate Planning Packet breaks down what you need to take the strain off of your loved ones during your time of remembrance. 

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Obituary & Notifications

Taking care of Notifications

It is important to make sure the proper channels are alerted in your absence. Filling out this section of the Estate Planning Packet will ensure that everyone near to you is alerted properly. 

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A List of Where Things Are

Help your loved ones find you things

Your many valuables could go undiscovered without taking the proper steps. A lot of documents are needed, that you might have overlooked. This thoughtful checklist breaks down all of the important documents that your loved ones can find all off your important information.

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