Celebrating the Franciscan Saints

Join us for two weeks of stories and messages of faith from these followers of Saint Francis. Our journey begins July 16th!

Robert Ellsberg, author of The Franciscan Saints, discusses the legacy of Francis of Assisi.

Saint Francis of Assisi started a movement within the Catholic Church that spread like a wildfire. Many of his early followers were sons and daughters of royalty, suddenly moved to renounce their power and privilege. There followed preachers and penitents, hermits and vagabonds, poets, theologians, missionaries and martyrs. And yet they are linked by a family resemblance. Among the notable features: evangelical zeal, humility and simplicity of life, closeness to the poor, a spirit of prayer, and a freedom from the cares of a world preoccupied with greatness, power, and grandiose ambitions.

We're celebrating 14 days of Franciscan saints starting July 16th. 

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The Franciscan Saints