What Is the Franciscan Spirit?

Casey Cole on the Franciscan Spirit What is it about the Franciscan spirit that draws so many people in? Br. Casey Cole, OFM, says it's an unmistakable sense of family that makes it so appealing. Click here to watch the video!



What Is a Catholic Pilgrimage?

What is a Catholic pilgrimage?What is a pilgrimage? It's certainly not a vacation, says Greg Friedman, OFM, who leads tours in Assisi, Italy, and the Holy Land. "When you go on pilgrimage," Fr. Greg says, "you are there to allow God to work in your life." Click here to watch the video!

Was Saint Francis a Poet?

Was Saint Francis a Poet?A little-known fact about Saint Francis of Assisi is that he is considered one of the first Italian poets by literary critics. His “Canticle of the Creatures” combined his love for God with his mastery of poetry. Click here to watch the video!

Does Your Calling Scare You?

Casey Cole, OFMOftentimes we want direction from God: a clear, definitive answer to the questions in our hearts. But God doesn't always work that way. Sometimes God speaks to us through our work, through friends, or through family. Click here to watch the video!

Surrounded by Love

Saint Francis and the Canticle of the Creatures

Murray Bodo discusses Saint Francis of Assisi How can we sum up the spirituality of Saint Francis? One way to start, Murray Bodo, OFM, says, is to consider Francis’ “Canticle of the Creatures.” Click here to watch the video!

Like-Minded: Saint Francis and Pope Francis

Brother Casey ColeHow are Saint Francis of Assisi and Pope Francis linked? Friar Casey Cole explains that Pope Francis shares Saint Francis' care for the poor, as well as emphasis on the environment. Click here to watch the video!

What Is a True Peacemaker?

What Is a True Peacemaker?What does it mean to be a peacemaker? Do we stay detached from conflict and simply pray? It's not that simple. "Peace involves some kind of reconciliation," Murray Bodo, OFM, says. Click here to watch the video!

Mary, Mother of Jesus

Mary, Mother of JesusFor Catholics, Mary is rightly put on a pedestal. But oftentimes we forget that, at her core, she was a mother who loved her son. “She's going to care for you when you need it most,” Friar Roger Lopez says. Click here to watch the video!

A Franciscan Response to Bullying

A Franciscan responds to bullying.School is starting back up for many students around the country—and that means bullying will be back in full swing. Friar Roger Lopez, a religion teacher at a Franciscan high school, has a response to those who harm others: "There's no place for bullyingthe kingdom of God." Click here to watch the video!

Who Are We Before God?

We are who we are before God.“As we stand before the Lord,” Friar Frank Jasper says, “it doesn't matter what the color of our skin is or if we're rich or poor.” All that matters is what's in our hearts. What's most important is our own unique individuality. Click here to watch the video!

Saint of the Day

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

Brother Casey Cole, OFMOftentimes we have a false hope when it comes to life—that everything is going to work out perfectly for us. But that's unrealistic, Brother Casey Cole, OFM, says. Life isn't easy. It will almost constantly throw challenges our way. The key is to clear our minds and hearts of expectations and allow God to lead us. Click here to watch the video!

The Sex-Abuse Crisis: How Do We Heal?

Clergy Sex-Abuse ScandalThe Church in the United States is still reeling in the wake of the Pennsylvania grand jury's report documenting that 301 priests and religious in six dioceses abused over 1,000 minors. Many of us are angry and confused. How do we heal from this? Click here to watch the video!

Saint Francis and Lady Poverty

Was Saint Francis a Poet?Today we are immersed in a consumer-driven society. More always seems to be better. But Francis of Assisi believed differently. He knew that if we can rid ourselves of material burdens, we can be truly free. Click here to watch the video!

A Franciscan Perspective on Gender Equality

Frank Jasper, OFM, on gender equality.With the #MeToo movement gaining international attention in the last year, there is now a spotlight on how men and women treat each other. But hope remains, Frank Jasper, OFM, says, because we are all children of God. Click here to watch the video!

A Franciscan Reflection on the Virgin Mary

John Quigley on the Virgin Mary“God is love,” John Quigley, OFM, says. And God wanted a physical way to be God. Enter Mary. God chose this young woman from Nazareth to be the mother of his son. And through her holiness and trust in God, Mary ushered Jesus into the universe. Click here to watch the video!

My Friend, Oscar Romero

Octavio Duran on Oscar Romero“My history with Oscar Romero is a blessed one,” Octavio Duran, OFM, says. This friar got to know the archbishop personally and became his trusted friend and photographer. What does he remember about the archbishop? He was timid—not comfortable in social situations. But when Romero was in the pulpit, he was a prophet. Click here to watch the video!

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Oscar Romero's Legacy

Oscar Romero's Legacy“Faith played a big role in Monsignor Oscar Romero's life,” Octavio Duran, OFM, says of his friend, who will be canonized on Sunday. “Romero was a gift—a gift to us Salvadorians. But he's also a gift to the world.” Click here to watch the video!

Tips for Improving Your Prayer Life

Prayer Tips with Fr. Gary CasterAs Christians, we go into prayer with the best of intentions, but we often get distracted or impatient. We complicate what should be a simple moment of grace with God. Fr. Gary Caster has been there, too, and he offers some important tips for slowing down and allowing God to find us. Click here to watch the video!

We Reflect the Love of Christ

Colleen C. MitchellIn our faith journeys, sometimes, like the moon, we reflect the love of Christ. Other times, we feel mired in darkness. But God's love is unconditional and eternal, as Colleen C. Mitchell explains. Click here to watch the video!

The Saints Are Our Friends

Fr. Gary Caster on PrayerWho doesn't love the saints? Who among us hasn't reached out to them in times of trouble? Fr. Gary Caster has long-admired the saints. In fact, his favorite is Thérèse of Lisieux. But Fr. Caster warns us not to look at them as switchboard operators conveying our messages to Christ. They are our friends—companions on our faith journeys. Click here to watch the video!

Fr. Gary Caster on Mother Teresa

Fr. Gary CasterFr. Gary Caster will be the first to admit that his life has been touched by countless moments of grace. One memory in particular stands out. He was charged with assisting Mother Teresa and her sisters with getting a building ready for those suffering from HIV and AIDS in Washington DC. And this encounter changed his life forever. Click here to watch the video!

Minute Meditations

Pro-Life Thinking

Pro-Life ThinkingIn January we celebrate the sanctity and beauty of life, but Father Frank Jasper, OFM, says that it goes beyond the rights of the unborn. Respecting life also applies to health care, homelessness, immigration, and capital punishment. Friar Frank gives us some words of wisdom in this week's Franciscan Spirit video. Click here to watch the video!

In Silence, We Find God

Brother Casey Cole, OFMIn this day and age, it's very hard to be quiet. With our tablets, smartphones, and myriad other noisy distractions at our fingertips, sometimes it's virtually impossible to quiet our minds and our spirits. Click here to watch the video with Brother Casey Cole, OFM!

What Drew Me to the Franciscans

What Drew Me to the FranciscansFor Roger Lopez, OFM, his road to the Franciscans wasn't paved with struggle or strife—it was paved with food. After his meal with the friars was over, he noticed how the brothers immediately began working together to wash dishes, put away food, and clean the kitchen. In those simple acts, Friar Roger saw the makings of a family, a family he wanted to join. Click here to watch the video!

Saint Francis, Peacemaker

Saint Francis Peacemaker“Being a peacemaker,” Friar Murray Bodo says, “can be a thankless task.” But the role of the peacemaker is essential. Saint Francis of Assisi surely understood that. He embraced those who were categorized as “the enemy” and offered himself as a living bridge of peace. Click here to watch the video!

Celebrating Mother Mary

Why did God choose Mary?May is one of the most beloved months of the Church year because it has been designated as the month of Our Lady. And thanks to Scripture, Friar Roger Lopez says, we have a window into who Mary really was. Click here to watch the video!

A Rose by Any Other Name

Sister Rose LimaIf you've ever donated to Franciscan Media, chances are you received a beautiful, handwritten thank-you note from our own Sister Rose Lima, OSF. She's such a blessing—and an important part of our mission to spread the Gospel in the spirit of Saint Francis. In this week's Franciscan Spirit Video, Sister Rose shares with us how she embraced her religious name. Click here to watch the video!