Blessed Solanus Casey

“God knows best, and while we’ll still hope for a favorable surprise, we can hardly do better than not only being resigned to whatever God permits but even beforehand to thank Him for His loving designs.”
—Solanus Casey

Solanus Casey: Pray for us!

Who Was
Solanus Casey?

After working as a logger, a hospital orderly, a streetcar operator, and a prison guard, 21-year old Solanus Casey entered the St. Francis Seminary in Milwaukee.

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Solanus Casey: Pray for us!


Solanus Casey had a reputation as one who had the biblical gift of healing, which is why many came to him both in Detroit and New York.

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Solanus Casey: Pray for us!

‘Thank God
Ahead of Time’

“When he was speaking with you, you felt that he was constantly God-centered, on fire with love for God, and constantly God-conscious."

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The Beatification of Solanus Casey

November 18th, 2017 at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan

Minutes it took for tickets to sell out
Number of seats at Ford Field
Solanus Casey family members will be in attendance
Members of the Solanus Casey Guild

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How Does One Become a Saint?

For almost the first millennium of the Church’s life, there was no centralized canonization process with investigation into the person’s life and miracles attributed to his or her intercession. The local Church recognized as saints holy women and men
whose life and death demonstrated great virtue. 

The term “Servant of God” now describes someone at the start of the entire process, which begins in the local diocese and eventually moves
to the Holy See’s Congregation for the Causes of the Saints. A person whose life and writings have been formally investigated can be declared Venerable. Martyrs do not need a miracle for beatification. For others, after a miracle has been investigated and accepted by separate
committees of doctors, theologians, and cardinals, the person is approved for beatification. 

The final step for canonization is the verification of two miracles attributed to that holy person’s intercession.

—Pat McCloskey, OFM


Beatification is an important step on the road to sainthood. Where is Solanus Casey on this journey? Click here to find out!


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